SCE Mission

South Coast Engineers, LLC, a consulting firm based in Fairhope, Alabama, specializes in civil engineering in the coastal environment – coastal engineering, coastal management and applied coastal science. The firm performs services in the planning and design of bay and beach shoreline erosion solutions, coastal ecosystem restoration, coastal highways and bridges, coastal wave and circulation modeling, marina and port design, seawall and coastal revetment design, and hurricane damage analysis and prevention.

South Coast Engineers mission is to enhance the quality of life along the coast with engineering which appropriately accounts for the area’s unique waves, tides, sand, and ecosystems.

We do nationally-recognized work and would be a great choice for your coastal project.

Staff Biographies

Scott L. Douglass, Ph.D., P.E., D.CE

Scott Douglass is the Founder and President of South Coast Engineers, LLC. Dr. Douglass has 35 years of experience in coastal engineering research and design and is a nationally recognized leader in coastal engineering related to storm damage, coastal transportation projects, living shorelines, and beach erosion solutions.

Dr. Douglass is the author of Saving America’s Beaches.

Licensure: AL, FL, MS, NJ

Certifications: Diplomate, Coastal Engineering

Bret M. Webb, Ph.D., P.E., D.CE

Bret Webb is the Vice President and Senior Coastal Engineer at South Coast Engineers. Dr. Webb has 15 years of experience in coastal engineering design, inspections, analysis, and field investigations, and is a nationally recognized leader in coastal modeling and coastal engineering technology transfer.

Licensure: AL, FL

Certifications: Diplomate, Coastal Engineering

Thomas “Beau” Buhring, P.E.

Beau Buhring is a Staff Engineer at South Coast Engineers. Mr. Buhring has a B.S. in Civil Engineering, graduate studies in Coastal Engineering, and seven years of experience in coastal engineering including beach nourishment and coastal structures design/construction as well as numerical modeling of coastal hydrodynamics.

Licensure: FL

Specialty Certifications

Drs. Douglass and Webb are board certified coastal engineers who carry the special designation of Diplomate, Coastal Engineering (D.CE). This specialty certification is conferred by the Academy of Coastal, Ocean, Port & Navigation Engineers (ACOPNE), a part of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). From the ACOPNE web site…

A Diplomate is a Board Certified Professional and is considered one of the highest designations in the field, with less than 200 engineers achieving the status of Diplomate within the Academy.

For more information about these organizations, please visit their web sites: ACOPNE, ASCE.